Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Grrrrr

Some may be ready for the weekend but im dreading it! I have to work :( Destiny's 9th B-day is sunday. She really didnt want to do much. We took her out to eat to a place she wanted to go. The other two kids were wired. Jim ended up yelling at them telling them they were acting like a bunch of apes.

Ive been kinda miserable with allergies. This year seems earlier than usual. Maybe im just getting old.

Im doing baby steps so small posts for now. But I will post a picture of Cowen from this weekend at the races.
Well, I was but my laptop is acting screwy, after 4 atemps I will try for tomorrow.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

since school has started I have a little time to sit and update.
2 kids in counciling one on the way. Cowen age 4 is in OT for fine motor skills, twice a week. Working full time and all that stuff I dont have mush to write that readable.
We are having problems with birth gradparents, more like Bgrandma. She is so pushy and controling. What she doesnt know is Im the ring leader in MY family! I call the shots! Destiny's birthday is this weekend and they want to see her. Hmmmm ... I dont think it's a good time.

I have been battleing the dog crap. I have one train but our female pug is untrainable. Pee's every where even if taken out. Grrrrr!

My 14 yr wedding Anv. is the 14 of Oct. and we are wanting to take a trip. I really want to get out of Dodge .. I mean town.

well thats all for now.