Sunday, February 20, 2011

Me and my randomness

I'm still here and I haven't uploaded my pictures yet.... I'm lazy.

I think I'm going through the change. I have been saying that for a while but the past few days I have been grouchy that's putting it mildly!!! I get so pissy at everyone when I ask them to do something and they act like I'm not even there. but if I start screaming and swinging a belt everyone acts like they have no idea why I'm mad. I feel like a drill Sargent "pick that up and put it in the dirty clothes hamper" ugh!

So this weekend has not been as fun as I had hoped. I was hoping for Monday to hurry up.
The weather this past week was real nice so since it was my weekend off it had to get crappy. We live in a small 3 bedroom house and 3 kids and 3 dogs a parson can go crazy!
I guess because we all are looking forward to spring and nice weather we are running out of Ideas to do in the house. I have to say the kids have done real good at keeping busy. only a few times when they have tried to kill each other.  BUT the mornings are bad for me, Destiny has melt downs. It seems we do things to help prevent them and she finds new things to freak out about. I drop her off at school and I am thinking of running away and ruins my whole day. She comes out of school happier then ever and nothing ever happened. The other 2 do OK once in a while we have normal I'm tired I don't want to move or get dressed days but not kicking and screaming melt downs.
Thank goodness I have a friend... a GOOD friend that understands me and what I'm going through and she is soo positive. wouldn't know what to do with out her. Or my hubby :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Last night My husband and I moved some furniture from my Moms old house to storage and im feeling it today. My day started out crappy with a 10yr old melt down about shoes and continued the rest of the day (not the melt down just the crappy day). And why do I always get stuck filling the ice cube trays??????

Every thursday my Mom gets her hair fixed and I take her and after we go to lunch. Well, today she had it done because she has plans tomorrow. So that means I have the whole day to myself to finish my de-cluttering. My hubby is real worried that his stuff will disappear.
I am having trouble typing my arms hurt soo bad from moving all that furniture and I might have to do more on Friday :P

I was gonna post some pictures but I might have to do in another post. Kids yelling at each other and phone ringing. PLEEEEEEEEase take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Had a very wonderful Valentines day. I got roses, candy and a beautiful card from the hubby that said just the right things. I got a beautiful card from my bff and them we and I mean kids and all went out to eat. Big but was blessed to be with them all!!!!

This past weekend the kids were off for 5 days for teacher conf. I had to work so you can imagine what my house looks like!!!! So today is my day to get things in order!!! There is supose to be a HEAT WAVE today and im looking forward to it. (60)
Im getting excited about this summer we are planning some great things to do plus have the kids in softball. Im hoping before schools out we can take a vacation. I am really wanting to take the kids to Wolf Lodge in Kansas City.
So in the mean time im de-cluttering or trying to one bag at a time.

I better get going I have laundry to flip

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are you prepared????

I was thinking as I was doing my dishes... ok I should back up. Earlier I was on the computer and was just hopping around to diff. blogs and I ran into a survival blog you know some people are prepared for any kinda thing that happens and they have stocked up food and other supplys. So i was doing my dishes and was thinking how Jim and I were when we first moved in together. He and I are the youngest of the families and spoiled (I know Jim was!) So being from NEBRASKA we moved to Texas when we were 20 and stupid. Jim had a job. It took me longer to find one, we had 1 car but we lived in a nice neighborhood and all our money went iinto rent. it sucked!!!!! We went with out food a few times or our friendly neighbor bought us some food. Being so away from home our parents told us we wouldnt make it. When I finally got a good job and making good money, Jims Mom got sick so we moved back and been here since. The one thing I told Jim was we were NEVER..NEVER going to go with out AGAIN!! SO I do stock up on stuff that is on sale that we eat the most. WE have never went with out. So back to the survival blog it has given me new Ideas to have ready or be prepared for other things that might happen like if the lights go out for a couple days or if shtf. here is a good website I always look at.   http://thesurvivalmom.com/