Sunday, June 27, 2010

So you think you know a fifth grader???

Well, it sounded good. She will be a fifth grader in Aug. I thought I had her down to a "T" what she liked and what she didnt. Well, I guess it goes to show I know nothing. I took her to wally world to buy a new swimsuit since she left hers at my sisters 3 1/2 hrs away. They dont have much left to choose from so I said you wont like this cuz it will hurt your neck (it was like her other and she complained about it all the time) she didnt like none of them except the one I said she wouldnt like. *sigh*

Today the hubby's band played at HY-VEE in the parking lot for a juvenile diabetes benefit I got to take the kids to watch their daddy play. It was hot but not as hot as fri and sat.

I guess thats all I have. Good night!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

no title

Been busy cleaning out my mom's house. My sister in-law was here from Alaska and helped. I had to work Fathers day weekend. I bought Jim a new grill and he ordered a cover and new untinsils for it from NFL.com.
We are working on having a yard sale this weekend. I am sooo dreding it!!! I have a busy week, Friday I have to be at Trail and Rails in Kearney for Ghost hunting class. I an not teaching nor attending the class I am helping with the class by taking people around to the buildings. fun..fun My only time away from kids and Jim plays this weekend too crap.... need to make some phone calls.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Im feeling I need a therapy break, um.. like 2 weeks. Today was a RAD day. I can say I was not the best mommy today. All three ganged up on me and I let them get to me. My Moms birthday is tomorrow and we took her out to eat, I was soo frustrated Im sure she (my Mom) could have did with out it was not enjoyable if thats a word. My husband was yelling at one kid and I was yelling at another. They were acting like a bunch of uncaged apes. My oldest is 9 almost 10 and she was the worst. I know my actions were crazy today and I am not happy with myself. My oldest came up to me a few min. ago and said sorry for the way she acted. That is alot for a RAD kid and I am so proud of her of course I told her I was proud of her for it too. I also apologized for yelling at her. I am soooo ready for school to start!!!