Monday, October 12, 2009

My family in the dog house

I had a yucky day 1/2. I had to work this weekend and the hubby watched the kids. On sunday Jim called me at work to tell me Tinker bell was gone and the 4yr old let her go. I totally freaked out on him. I wanted to know why the 4 yr old had the dog out. Seems no one wanted to take her out to potty and told him to do it. He is small for his age his fine moter skill are bad, he doesnt grab or hang on to stuff very good. We called every one we could on a sunday and prayed she was ok.
This morning I get a phone call from the police dept. saying they found my dog. They gave me the number of the guy and he told me how he found her. I was in tears!!!! I thanked him a million times and told him he just saved my husbands life!!
Jim told me Teanna was sooo sad she just bawled. So today when I picked them up from school Teanna said I made some lost dog posters, It just made me wanna cry.

So the lost has been found and I have both my babies.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

finally can post pictures

waiting to go swimming, Thank you Nintindos!!

This is in front of a ship in the water park. and the only one I took. I was afraid I would get my camera wet.

And one of the puppies!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Home sweet Home!!!

We took the kids to Omaha for a weekend trip away and stayed in an indoor water resort. I missed my puppies very bad!
Was a nice weekend away from home. The kids got to play with their nintindos dsi's. they still managed to argue a few times.

Destiny has broken out with a rash so I will be calling the dr today to see if we can get in. Im hoping it's not something serious but it makes me worry. My puppies are glad to be home. my baby Billbo gave me a scoldin, if thats a word.
Well, Im off to tackel the mound of laundry that is sitting in front of the washer.