Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bratz...Bratz and more Bratz

No not my kids although sometimes.......... Just kidding! After a major melt down this morning with Destiny and clothes, not wanting to go to school. I decided to clean out the girls room. I moved their bed, guess what I found? 10 Bratz dolls and all the feet and clothes even a 3cpo head not in a bag or a box.. all over the floor. Now if I could just find the nintindo ds I would be happy.

So I will be selling Bratz on e-bay along with Destiny's clothes that dont fit.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Uugggggghhhh I am feeling crazy today!!! for the past couple of weeks ive been glued to the computer. A adoptive Mom/ freind is adopting from Ukraine. There was no update for a while. does she not know im going crazy here!!!
Jim and I started our adoption journey to Ukraine. We had everything ready, all the papers were ready to go. we just didnt have enough money and I just go off the fertility rollercoaster. So with that said im just alittle excited/jealous. I want to go. :(
It was meant to be because I have 3 wonderful childern. Speaking of my kids were sick with the flu. My job is not always understanding about staying home. being in nursing you would think they would. I tried to post pictures. My laptop wont let me. So I guess Ill have to get on the old crapper puter.