Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ive been lazy on the blogging part. I take care of my Mom all day and then pick kids up from school and I feel whiped out after supper. Thank goodness school is out for the summer this week!!
I hurt my back, not sure when but I have been moving around like an 90yr old. I didnt feel good today and stayed in bed until 12pm. Cowen watched tv and got his owen breakfast. He did a good job but I know if the girls were here there would have been fighting.

Watched the biggest loser, soo sad its over but Glad Mike won. I dont know what Ill do now. I dont watch alot of tv. Im sure We'll be busy with kids softball. It was hot today and we need to get the ac fixed grrrr.. I hate being hot!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

sands through the hour glass

Im sad to see the weekend go. My job always haunts me. why am I still working there if I hate it soo much??? well, Im only working there every other weekend, I love what I do I just dislike the people running the place. I have worked there for 15 years and seen people come and go. But there is something bad going on and I dont want to be apart of it. Thats all Im gonna say.

Today was a beautiful day the sun was out and a cool breeze. I heard it might storm tomorrow :P I helped my Mom go through 3 boxes of crap. I think we need to go through a few each day until we clean her garage out. My brother is still living in the old house and we are slowly cleaning it out so we can sell it. Moving my Mom sounded like a good Idea at the time and none of my sibling's wanna help.

My friend Rach and I broke away from the kids after supper and went for a drive. Both our hubby's were real busy this weekend so we were stuck without any relief. So our drive was fun and much needed!
Good night!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

post #59

Hey, 2 days in a row!!
got up this morning and drop kids off to all the right places and bought my Mom breakfast and took it to her. Rained all day. I guess it stormed during the night and I didnt hear it ? Im starting to think mother nature is torturing us.
Had a talk to the hubby about another adoption and watching a couple of people adopting from Ukraine. He was not really excited about it. Our last attempt failed because of money and I think I went crazy, Soo I guess he's not wanting to go there again and money is the BIG issue.
We could do fostercare again and try to adopt that way but I feel like I have unfinished business, I WANT TO ADOPT FROM UKRAINE!
On to something else.
I made hamburger helper for supper. I havent made that in a long time so I made that with corn bread. I was going for fast and easy. I would post a picture but the laptop wont let me. So I guess I say good night.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hello out there

not sure if anyone still reads or looks at my blog but I will post something.

Had a great Mothers Day, had to work but it was great cuz the hubby and the kids cleaned the house and took me and my Mom out for supper.
I havent been around to blog although I find time to check my face book go figure.
A friend and I have joined a ghost hunting group. the only exciting thing I get to do for myself with out kids. I have been taken care of my Mom and thats about all I get done before picking up kids from school and then supper, bath time and bed. It sometimes feels like groundhog day (the movie) everyday.
Got a membership to the Y ... I have only went a few times I need someone to kick me in the ass!! But the hubby seems to be motivated.

The kids are doing good. Destiny has been doing good in school. The older she has gotten the better she understands RAD is not easy.

T is doing good too not problems never has been except a few small things but still ok.
Cowen is still going to OT 2 x's a week and counciling. He got his shots for school next year, poor baby cried so did I. I had a talk with the Dr about all of his behavioral problems so he suggested place where he can be tested. I know when he starts school next year they will ask if he's on meds.

And the puggie are doing good. Im so glad to see spring and summer come. we had a long COLD winter and the pugs didnt like to go out to pee when it was cold