Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Im still here

I think I need to write a book about my life and raising 3 challenging kids. I have certain feelings about my kids and their challenges, school, doctors, therapists. How sometimes I feel like a failure. Im sure someone else has made a book. but I think it would be theraputic for me. I cant just say on a day that has been crazy and difficult that I hate my kids. cuz people get all crazy "HOW COULD YOU"  I didnt say I would kill my kids. that day I was sick of them and wanted to change the last 6 yrs of my life. I seen a movie recently that a lady from around here made about RAD kids. I seen some of the crazy stuff my kids do. but I still think if she had my story it would be more interesting.

On another note my puggies are doing great. There is a pug rescue that I like to support.

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