Sunday, November 23, 2008


Today was a fat day for me. I am over weight and really need to lose a bunch, But today I was feeling extra..... fluffy (aka bitchy) I wore a scrub top to work that was to tight and it bugged me all day. I walked in front of a mirror and wondered who the hec that fat butt was.

My day died of a heart attack. I am afraid of getting everything he had. So in Jan. My friend Rachel and I are starting our weight loss Thingy. I am getting a membership to the Y. I LOVE to work out but just getting motivated to do it is another thing.

I had to work this weekend and today I went to work on 3 hrs of sleep. Teanna was sick puking most of the night. My poor baby she's 6 and never complains.
So I guess I will take my fat butt to bed.

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