Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm trying to write every day .. HA! I have to admit I have been irritable lately. October 26 was adoption day for the girls. We took them out to eat. Dec. 20th is Cowens. He really does not understand what that means. He knows he was adopted and thats all. The girls (Destiny) remembers more. Teanna does not remember just what Destiny tells her. Cowen turned 4 on the 12 of Nov.
Today Cowen and I went to Goodwill with Rachel and Meghan her daughter that is Cowen's age. I was determined to buy something today, I found some hot pads that were brand new. Cowen found a Dolphin and that was about it. I did find some photo frames I would like to re-finish but maybe next time Blah!

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