Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Waking up this morning, I thought "Gosh morning already?" I was not looking forward to kids waking me. Two weeks off from school has been no fun around here with RAD kids. I love my kids don't get me wrong. But every day bickering can drive a person crazy. I think they are just getting at that age.
I read a post of another blogger with rad kids and her blog just made me feel good. It said "living on purpose" I have been in a funk lately and feeling sorry or sad or whatever you want to call it. I have not wanted to do much my mood at work sucks. Each day slides by and WHAT? Nothing same old stuff. SO instead I am pulling myself out of this Guck, I am going to use "living on purpose" as a motivation. We should always be greatful for the wonderful things that god has given us but some times we (I) get in a Guck(my word) and forget. Then something like that INSPIRES me.


FaerieMama said...

So glad I found your blog! I'm excited to read more. I have one RAD daughter, adopted almost 4 years ago. I have found so much support reading other RAD blogs!
BTW, your kids are beautiful :)

Nelly said...

Thank You!! I am new to blogger. I am excited to find friends going through the same thing with RAD kids.