Monday, March 30, 2009

It's not pretty!

I had a real busy week last week. If I posted last week I would have said it was a week from $#&$ But I will say it was a busy RAD week. At our house they are RAD weeks not just a RAD day. It might have started because BP just showed up at our door. Hubby was not happy.

The week started out about clothes. We set clothes out the night before, then it has to be something else, Headach,something in her eye,back pack(can't find), diareaha, Hair, You name it and it becomes this big crazy whinning crying morning. It seem the more I try to please her by having every thing ready so we don't have to go through this, the more trouble it is. THEN we have all the after school stuff. The min. she get's in the car she instantly has a headache. And it's pretty bad when her sister get's in the car before and see's her coming and say's "here we go, I have a headache!"
I took the 2 girls to walmart to get 216 pictures printed of my camera. (cowen was with Daddy) D started off by saying she had to go to the bathroom and of course T wanted to go. I told them one at a time. It ended up being a big mess in the bathroom and I was crazy mad!!! We had therapy right after that and I visited with her before D went in. I said The hubby need's to start to come. I was sooo through with her. She was going to give me a heart attack or put me in the crazy place.

I let her get me and she kept reeling me in. I usually do good at dis engaging But she got to me. I have to learn to deal with the behaviors then to focas on the reasons behind them. This weekend was great. We made strawberry short cake together and this morning was a good morning. We did have a talk, Destiny and I and we both apoligized to each other. I can actually say I Love that kid She is teaching me something every day.


Brie said...

some days it is so impossible not to get sucked into their drama! B has a certain look and a noise/grunt that she makes, and if I've already had a tough day, it gets me every time. they know all the right buttons, don't they?

i hope this week goes better!

obladi oblada said...

Sounds like your hands were full!! Im glad that you had a nice weekend to tie it all up with though.