Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nothin but mush

Thats what my brain feels like or thats what kids do to me. Kids have been out this week for spring break. I have had it with miss sassy pants. The older she gets the more I see she is gonna be the cause of all my gray hairs (not that I have any:P)
T my middle one is turning 7 in a week. she was a rough one until she turned 4 and she has really been a wonderful kid. C is 4 and he makes me think I'm not liken 4. I they will get older fast and I will miss all this. But all the bickering and fighting can drive on to drink.

One night We all watched a movie. At the end of the movie this picture is what I found and it was sooo cute I couldn't resist.

I will try to be around more.

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