Monday, May 18, 2009

I wrote this last night

Mothers day weekend we took the kids to South Dakota. We stayed in a motel with a huge indoor water park. It was supose to be relaxing for me. But it just seemed like we were in the car most of the time. It's a long drive for 4 complainers (3 kids and me:p )
The weather was hot here today and my girls got sun burnt for the first time and school isn't even out yet. Good old Nebraska weather, I'm sure it will rain tomorrow. I was going to post a few pictures from the trip but they are on my lap top and Jim is on it. I will try later. The thing about waking up @ 4am is I find it hard to type or think after kids are gone to bed. So I better spit out what I can before the MUSH takes over.
This morning Was a crazy day. We have not had a RAD morning in a while so I knew it was coming. She can only hold back for so long. My head is starting to hurt just bringing it up. What I found out was not to get all flustered up about it. But I did and it bothered me all day. The min. I droped her off at my Mom's it was over for her. and thats what pisses me off more. She knew it was all about getting to me. and then it was all over. I instead was grumpy at work all day.

Sorry I didn't finish this last night. It must have been when the mush hit.

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