Wednesday, May 27, 2009

kid free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My kids are gone for a week. They left sunday with my sister to the farm. She took all 3. So I'm supose to be going through stuff for our yard sale. cleaning my house, but i'm enjoying the peace and quiet for now. Yes I slept in and it was great except the dogs still need taken care of and they let me know it. I have a few days off and I really can't get into gear to do anything today.

Some of the blogs that are on my friends list that I read everyday, I wish I lived closer to some I think we would be good friends. I don't have a lot of friends that are in the same situation as me. We don't have friends that have adopted or did foster care. All our friends are supportive but don't really understand what we go through or understand what RAD kids are.

Well, thats about all the blubbering I should do for today, Bilbo and I need to get busy.(he's snoring right beside me)


Corrine said...

Oooooo, lucky girl. No kiddos!
Relax and enjoy. It is not something that will happen often.

obladi oblada said...

You are so lucky! Wow, just enjoy your day..dont be in a rush to get stuff done, just relax for a bit, take a deep breath, you deserve it!!