Tuesday, April 6, 2010

catch up

I think mother nature is messin with us all!! It is freezing here!!!

I have been soo busy lately, I cut my hours back at work and I moved my Mom. She lives a block away now and we... I should say I'M trying to get her house empty. After living somewhere for 50 years you collect a bunch of crap!!!

So we had a nice Easter concidering we had a little skuff with Destiny and my Hubby shot the Easter bunny and Santa. D is 9 and she is close to when she could know but he did it in front of the other 2. And I wont go into detail about what happened.

So here I am, I decided that everytime I want to get on facebook I should make a post here first. So I am gonna try to keep my own words.

This month is an exciting month. This thur. I will be chaperoning with my Daughters class to the state capital on a bus!!! I hope I survive!!!
Then on the 26th I am going gohst hunting with a group to a place in Iowa. I am so happy I have joined a good group of people.

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