Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hello out there

not sure if anyone still reads or looks at my blog but I will post something.

Had a great Mothers Day, had to work but it was great cuz the hubby and the kids cleaned the house and took me and my Mom out for supper.
I havent been around to blog although I find time to check my face book go figure.
A friend and I have joined a ghost hunting group. the only exciting thing I get to do for myself with out kids. I have been taken care of my Mom and thats about all I get done before picking up kids from school and then supper, bath time and bed. It sometimes feels like groundhog day (the movie) everyday.
Got a membership to the Y ... I have only went a few times I need someone to kick me in the ass!! But the hubby seems to be motivated.

The kids are doing good. Destiny has been doing good in school. The older she has gotten the better she understands RAD is not easy.

T is doing good too not problems never has been except a few small things but still ok.
Cowen is still going to OT 2 x's a week and counciling. He got his shots for school next year, poor baby cried so did I. I had a talk with the Dr about all of his behavioral problems so he suggested place where he can be tested. I know when he starts school next year they will ask if he's on meds.

And the puggie are doing good. Im so glad to see spring and summer come. we had a long COLD winter and the pugs didnt like to go out to pee when it was cold

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