Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 4th

We had a 4 day weekend or I should say Jim had a 4 day weekend, I had to work sat. and sunday. We just grilled some food at our house and took it to my Moms and watched fireworks from her house since she lives soo close to where the BIG CITY fireworks. Other years we had people over and grilled and did fun things but this year I wasnt in the mood. seems I feel that way alot.
After we watched to the city firworks we went home and shot off our own with our neighbors until midnight. Then we had a day (monday) to sleep in and do nothing all day.

We are going on Vacation in Aug. We really were not planning to go anywhere thid year but Jim couldn't handle it. I would love to go to Colorado to Estes park,Jim want to take the kids horse back riding like he did when he was little. Soo we'll see how things go.

Jim and the kids watching the fireworks

Cowen and his best friend

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