Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ER visit

Spent 2 hrs in the ER with my 8yr old. I was making supper when my daughter came in and said she thought she had chicken pox. I said yeah yeah what ever glanced at a little rash on her tummy where she had been scratching. 10 min later she came back and it was all over her body and was welted.  So I decided to take her in to be safe cuz I didnt know what it was and you never know. So she got a shot in the leg  and  that was it, yes 11/2 hrs was waiting to be seen. Oh and we finally go to eat at 9pm


obladi oblada said...

I wish they would have had shots for them when I had them. I got them as an adult like 20 years ago, and I was so miserable.

Nelly said...

It ended up being an allergic reaction to something??? we dont know what??? it was weird.