Sunday, September 5, 2010

Roller Rink

Ok Im not doing well on this challenge. Been busy with working and the State fair and my Mom. Hmmm maybe I can use this.

So I took My daughters skating friday night until 10pm. their first night skate. They liked it .. I was ready for bed! They had friends there and they did the giggley thing about some boys. I was having flashback from when I was a kid. How I would speed around that rink. I watched a group skate backward and rememberd how it felt when the breeze from going so fast moved my hair. I wished I was back in the 80's just for one night, to be that young , not have a care in the world. I remember doing shoot the duck and trying to pull my best friend down and I hit her in the forehead and she had to get stitches. I met Jim there we skated every couple skate we were 14. I had alot of birthday parties there, I swore we owned that place because we were there so much. 
I didnt skate with my girls, I just watched. I heard a friend ask Teanna "why isnt you Mom skating?" T's reply was "she's not a skater"

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