Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last night I watched Hoarders, I just felt really sad for theses people. It's so easy to throw away someone elses shit. The Other day I caught the kids cleaning up a mess, I realized that it was something of mine.. something my dad had given me. So of course I freaked. It felt like they were throwing a peice of my dad away. So I kinda knew how some of those people felt even tho my house is no where near that but just throwing away paople's stuff that has some kind of meaning to it. I would  do anything to just talk to my dad one more time. Nov. 4 will be 2 yrs and it's still hard.

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obladi oblada said...

that show makes me sad too. Im not a hoarder, quite the opposite, but I totally feel for those people and the pain they must feel when having to let go of stuff for the sake of their own health. Keeping sentimental stuff is important, but I have seen some people on their that keep all kinds of stuff..like "garbage" or broken things that dont have any sentimental value, they just always think they will "use" it again someday.