Wednesday, January 19, 2011

good greif

I cant beleive it's been that long since ive posted. I guess I have been here watching other people's blog that are adopting from RR. I look every day at those sweet little faces Wanting to take them all home.

Jan 12 was my birthday also this month is one yr since decided to stay home. (I work every other weekend) We need a bigger house, the five of us are jammed in this house like sardines.... well, thats what it feels like. I have been de-junking. Since we got the kids we have accumilated so much crap and cant figure out why I wanted to keep it. sooooo I have been making trips to goodwill or just throwing crap away.

Im just gonna say it  I WANT TO ADOPT AGAIN We started out with an adoption to Ukraine and had to let it go cuz of MONEY. My husband is not really wanting to go that route again because of the money.

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