Thursday, January 8, 2009

My deposit for the day

Working full time and 3 busy kids 2 of them RAD is exhausting !!!
After work I decided to pull up at the school early. I turned on my public radio station and listened to classical music, Put me right to sleep! I woke up just in time for the bell to ring and all the parents standing around my car. I was hoping I was not sleeping with my mouth open.
We ate out for supper. My reward for cooking all week.
Every time we go out to eat we don't think about how crazy it is until we get seated and kids start squirming. WHY DO WE DO THIS TO OUR SELFS??? We lived.

I have a list of goals for the new year. I just have to write them down before I can post them. The main (and hardest) one is getting my weight under control. I like to procrastinate.

I have been kinda weird lately- pre menopausal ... maybe. The other day I droped the girls off at school. The school is next to a park with a lake and tons of ducks. I and Cowen drove through, and I pointed out the ducks they looked like the were eating. Cowen informed me he was going to be a duck and eat bugs and fly reaaaaallll high in the sky. then he said "You know I'm spiderman" and I said "I know" He just made me start crying.

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Brenda said...

I wrote a post about school but would be happy to talk to you if you want.