Monday, January 19, 2009

WARNING!!! Crabbieness

MONDAY My favorite day, Usually just like every RAD day around here.
Every Sunday is wash day for the week. And kids sit their clothes out for school the night before. I usually work at 6am so that means kids get up at 5am so I can drive 2 diff. places to drop kids off. This morning I didn't have to work. Started off last night when I told kids it was time to shower and get PJs on. My 6yr old usually does what I ask her. 8 yrold decided she would do what ever and when ever she felt like it. So we had melt down before bed about shower (her way of avoiding going to bed) This morning started out the same whinning and crying even after taking a shower. She sat out her clothes.. The ones she wanted to wear and didn't like them. Sat and bawled and refused to get dressed. The other kids and I were ready to go out the door and she is yelling at me cuz I wouldn't let her change her clothes. she hates shool,hates her pants to tight,she will pee her pants, I'm a bad mom because she will pee her pants at school and thats my fault, she hates her life. 8 I'm telling you she is 8 what do I have a head of me??? Drama every morning.


blessedmomto7 said...

Sounds very similar to one of mine-since I have been home schooling-zero melt downs like that. One of the biggest fears at school is "i wasn't coming back" so that left them agitated ALL DAY doing bizarre stuff at school.

Nelly said...

I was thinking about home schooling but didn't know if I could do it.

Brenda said...

Mornings are tough at our house too. With a couple of my kids I took them to school in their jammies and they changed in the car. They each only had to do it once.