Wednesday, February 25, 2009

100$ ticket for driving 25!!!!!!

Dishes are soaking, wash machine going, Pug is snoring. and it's nice out!

Kids get out of school at 2 then we have appt with therapist "we" meaning D although I could use some lately. I got a ticket today for speeding going .. ready for this?? 25. I understand in a school zone. But 25 is hardly speeding. Thy need to catch some of those A holes that go 40 through there when there is kids around. When I got caught kids were already in school. 25!!!! They were just looking for someone, Dumb heads!!!

Last night I was up at 2 am. This has been the 3rd night. I don't know whats going on. In the evening I get soo tired that I have been going to bed early, and early is 7:30-8pm I mean sooo tired that I can't keep my eyes open or move.
So I'm up at 2am and I get on facebook and all these people that I graduated with are writing me. I had to look up some of these people because I didn't remember them. It was weird cause I didn't talk to these people when I was in High school and they acted as if we were great friends. Thats ok it has been fun finding new friends to talk with.

My kids amaze me with some of the stuff they say or do and make me do. I have always been a quiet NON-CROWD kinda girl. But since having kids they made me open up much more. I was filling out one of those e-mails you fill out "whats your name" What kinda shoes are you wearing, Who will respond back and so on. Well, I got to one answer and it asked me what my talent was. I was stumped. My 6 yr old told me I had lots of talent, I cooked good. So thats what I put. :)


blessedmomto7 said...

sorry about your ticket! facebook rocks-I've raised over $1000 for my friend in just 2 days-amazing! Sweet that your girl LOVES your cooking :)

Nelly said...

Thats great that you made that much in 2 days!!! Thay are in my prayers!!!!