Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rad morning and I don't mean fun

I have little time, I have tons of stuff to do today and I'm only allowed 20min on the computer.

D my 8 yr old was upset this morning. She showed me a note from the Teacher. She should have showed me yesterday. The note said she didn't get to play out doors cause of runing around the room chasing some one. I told her I was upset because she got to go to the store and buy her own chips. Thats what she gets for a reward for behaving in school and at home. So I told her she was grounded from every thing (my mistake) She replied "EVEN FOOD???" I forgot for a moment, I don' know why....But this kind of conversation happens everyday and I must of had a brain fart. I told her in a calm voice That she would not be getting chip today and no tv. You would have thought I half killed her. Whinning and moodieness all the way to school. The other kids were just fine.

Sooo now on to what I am doing for myself. Our community collage is having a class on ghost hunting again. My friend Rachel and I are going. I am not sure I'm a true beleaver but I had fun the last time we went. We have an old theater that people say is haunted so thats where we are going tonight. I might post some picture if I get any good ones.
Well, time is up and I need to go and check facebook.

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obladi oblada said...

I hope you see something spooky..and post pics!

PS. Your kids and that pug are adorable.