Monday, February 2, 2009


I worked all weekend and It went so fast!! Thats the kinda weekend I like to have when I work.
Jim made up a bunch of yummy stuff to eat while we watched the superbowl. Watching football is one thing we do together, Although I watched for the commercials:)
We have been thinking about where we want to go for Vacation this year. Last year Jim and I went to Alaska for my nephew's wedding. We had a great time. Then we took the kids to Worlds of fun in Kansas city, then to a indoor water park in Omaha. The kids want to go back to South Dakota but Jim wants to go somewhere different.

I have been busy going through kids stuff, getting rid of junk,clothes, whatever is in my way. I guess I will try a garage sale this year. It's alot of work and some days I am LAZY and just don't want to deal with it. I would rather bag it and send it to goodwill. SO I will try it for my Moms sake. She want to try it to get rid of stuff and she needs the money.

Well thats all I got today. My day off and I've done nothing!!

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