Monday, December 14, 2009

Dec. post

So I guess im making it once a month post. December..... amonth I wish would come and go quickly!!!! Most of my shopping is done, I just need to get a few small things. The hubby wanted to get them EVERYTHING they wanted for Christmas and mommy said NO :)
I have cut my hous at work. It still hasnt sunk in yet. I feel like I have to get up and go to work. My house is still a wreck but im slowly working on it.
Jim's Christmas party was this last weekend so the kids went and stayed with GrandmaE. It was nice having a night alone. Although it was kinda like that episode of "everybody love's Raymond" where we didnt have much to say to each other. I dont think it was cuz we didnt have nothing to say.. for me it was taking in the silence and enjoying it.
The dogs are keeping ME busy .... IN..OUT..IN..OUT x'S 3(3 DOGS THAT IS)

Until next time.. hope eveyone keeps warm.

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