Sunday, February 20, 2011

Me and my randomness

I'm still here and I haven't uploaded my pictures yet.... I'm lazy.

I think I'm going through the change. I have been saying that for a while but the past few days I have been grouchy that's putting it mildly!!! I get so pissy at everyone when I ask them to do something and they act like I'm not even there. but if I start screaming and swinging a belt everyone acts like they have no idea why I'm mad. I feel like a drill Sargent "pick that up and put it in the dirty clothes hamper" ugh!

So this weekend has not been as fun as I had hoped. I was hoping for Monday to hurry up.
The weather this past week was real nice so since it was my weekend off it had to get crappy. We live in a small 3 bedroom house and 3 kids and 3 dogs a parson can go crazy!
I guess because we all are looking forward to spring and nice weather we are running out of Ideas to do in the house. I have to say the kids have done real good at keeping busy. only a few times when they have tried to kill each other.  BUT the mornings are bad for me, Destiny has melt downs. It seems we do things to help prevent them and she finds new things to freak out about. I drop her off at school and I am thinking of running away and ruins my whole day. She comes out of school happier then ever and nothing ever happened. The other 2 do OK once in a while we have normal I'm tired I don't want to move or get dressed days but not kicking and screaming melt downs.
Thank goodness I have a friend... a GOOD friend that understands me and what I'm going through and she is soo positive. wouldn't know what to do with out her. Or my hubby :)

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