Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Had a very wonderful Valentines day. I got roses, candy and a beautiful card from the hubby that said just the right things. I got a beautiful card from my bff and them we and I mean kids and all went out to eat. Big but was blessed to be with them all!!!!

This past weekend the kids were off for 5 days for teacher conf. I had to work so you can imagine what my house looks like!!!! So today is my day to get things in order!!! There is supose to be a HEAT WAVE today and im looking forward to it. (60)
Im getting excited about this summer we are planning some great things to do plus have the kids in softball. Im hoping before schools out we can take a vacation. I am really wanting to take the kids to Wolf Lodge in Kansas City.
So in the mean time im de-cluttering or trying to one bag at a time.

I better get going I have laundry to flip

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